WebSphere BPM

Your business runs on process. From the simplest of interactions to complex transactions, the steps and integration points in between ensure your company runs smoothly. It is a commonly overlooked concept as time elapses and processes become routine.

However, if you were to inspect the “HOW” processes executes across your organization you might be surprised to find that time, money and other resources are not optimized for the best performance of your company.

Our certified WebSphere developers and architects will help you design and implement an integrated IT environment that eliminates redundancies and streamlines business processes. Having delivered dozens of IBM BPM systems for Customers across multiple industries, Logisoft’s heritage BPM expertise extends over 6 years.

WebSphere integration experts will setup WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WebSphere ESB) or IBM Integration Bus / MB as a central hub for all applications to communicate with, and will configure or create adapters to your 3rd party applications, home-grown applications and new applications, enabling them to share data and processes.

Design experts will use WebSphere Business Modeler to graphically design and redesign processes across people, partners and applications — to both document your business flow and re-engineer it for more efficiency. They will simulate “What-if” scenarios of operations to optimize and project business benefits and generate interfaces to pass straight to deployment for minimal coding.

Once modeled, our Process Developers and Architects will transport your business models to WebSphere BPM for development, integration and deployment. WebSphere Business Monitor gives you the ability to monitor business processes in real-time, providing a dashboard displaying business process status, together with alerts and notifications to key users that enables continuous improvement of your business processes.

Whether for your enterprise-wide initiatives or your departmental requirements, WebSphere Process Server and Lombardi / BPM, are at the heart of your business process management solutions, ensuring that the processes you design are executed consistently, reliably, securely, and with transactional integrity.

For Customers in need of integrating business events and business rules to automate decisions across processes and applications, our team implements IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). ODM improves the quality of transaction and process-related decisions that are made repeatedly, determining the appropriate course of action for each customer, partner and internal interaction. IBM ODM is built on the success of ILOG JRules and consists of two component sets, which together form a complete platform for managing and executing business rules and business events.

The two components of IBM ODM include; IBM Decision Center which provides an integrated repository and management components, allowing you to govern business rules and even-based decision logic, and IBM Decision Server that provides the runtime components to automate decision logic, enabling the detection of business situations and precise response based on the context of the interaction.

For your questions on BPM, how it can benefit your organization or to get more information, contact us today.