Service Oriented Architecture/SOA

Building complex systems that deliver extraordinary value to your business can be, well, complex. Having a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to your Information Technology roadmap means an infrastructure designed for integrating and re-using existing assets and exposing powerful business functions across a multitude of innovative solutions.

When thinking of SOA, the applications, information and other IT assets can be used as “building blocks” that are reusable and mixable for dynamic purposes. This agility enables companies to be responsive to changing business priorities such as new market opportunities, competitive threats and even internal needs to reduce risk, cost and ensure compliance.

When done correctly, integration projects can yield tremendous results for the business and tie systems together, ranging from BPM, CRM, Business Intelligence, Financial systems and other.

Logisoft Solutions for SOA enhance Customers abilities to streamline Information Technology and identify additional areas benefit to the business. With over 10 years SOA experience, Logisoft has helped Customers rationalize and modernize legacy systems, automate and optimize business processes and improve data quality and accessibility.

At the end of the day, Logisoft Solutions for SOA create flexible architectures that enable enterprise agility.