Mobile Application Integration

Mobile really is everywhere. Having plans to create the next killer application is only one part of your overall objective. Understanding the technology you will leverage through the backend transactional capabilities and beyond is another large part of the initiative.

Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices continue to revolutionize what is possible. The impact of these devices is not limited to Customers and how the interact with your company but also your Employees. Keeping pace with the opportunities will separate you from your competition.

The possibilities for mobile are endless and Logisoft works with our Customers to identify opportunities that drive real success measured against business goals. Because mobile is so tightly integrated in everyday life, the expectations of the user community is high while expecting the functionality of larger systems.

Mobile accessibility today is an essential must-have and organizations are reshaping their business structure and processes to adapt. Logisoft assists our Customers to embrace Mobile strategy through the discovery of why Mobile, which applications provide the best value and use of Mobile and the implications on the business and existing infrastructure. Building your Mobile Application roadmap entails:

  • Assessing current applications and their readiness for Mobile
  • Determining the demands of Mobile from an infrastructure, security and throughput analysis
  • Capturing metrics and analytics on the solution to determine how the applications are being consumed and the business impact
  • Future considerations and opportunities to expand a successful Mobile initiative
  • The expertise at Logisoft with Mobile Application Integration considers the backend capabilities just much as the business goals and Mobile technology leveraged. We guide our customers throughout the life span of adopting this technology to bring innovative solutions to market that open systems, solutions and opportunities.