IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances are easy-to-deploy network devices that ensure the security of XML and Web services transactions to provide a gateway to legacy systems. These devices bring your enterprise closer to customers, partners, and suppliers by helping you secure, integrate and optimize access to the web, mobile and API workloads as your organization supports new initiatives beyond the enterprise.

Our expertise with IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances helped customers:

  • Secure critical transactions
  • Receive and process complex web services
  • Comply with regulations
  • Distribute caching scenarios with little to no changes to existing applications

WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 allows B2B connectivity for applications including cloud and mobile. This gateway consolidates B2B trading partner connectivity and transaction management.

The XI50 provides security and integration gateway capabilities in convenient form factors for blade and IBM System Z environments.

The XG45 is a lightweight platform that provides rapid cloud and mobile service deployments, governance, and integration. Additionally, this appliance serves as an edge-of-network security gateway.

The XC10 appliance is a caching platform that supports data-oriented, distributed caching scenarios for existing applications.